The whirlwind of social media

The whirlwind world of social media is like Pandora’s box – it holds powerful tools that can seriously boost your business to attract new customers, retain loyal ones, and engage the digital world…or it can be a heap of resources wasted if you don’t use them properly.

Some myths need busting
Some myths need busting

Here are five of the major Social media myths debunked.

Myth 1: Social media is a weekday job

You may be on a 9-5 shift during the week, but social media outlets run 24/7 you might actually have more success if you engage on weekends and odd hours.

Myth 2: I don’t have enough content to feed the outlets

Content gets posted, pushed down, and becomes irrelevant before you know it. Re-post the same content in different ways to build concepts and values that your brand represents. The key is to not make it repetitive. Just put a new spin on it when you re-post it a few weeks later.

Myth 3: I can’t show personality

Your content should be mainly targeted at your demographic and within your industry, but don’t be afraid to show some personality.  Throwing in some humor through office pictures, or interesting news articles can humanize your brand’s message.

Myth 4: My target demographic is older, so social media isn’t worth it

Contrary to what you may think, the older crowd is quite active on social media. According to a 2012 survey by the Pew Research Centre’s Internet and American Life Project, 52% of online boomers and 32% of online seniors are on social networking sites, especially Facebook.

Myth 5: Social media marketing doesn’t drive bottom line results

This may be the biggest misconception about social media and its effectiveness.  Social media creates leads and inspires new customers. Fact proven: companies that use Twitter average twice as many leads as companies that don’t – the proof is in the profit.

So in summary: Social media outlets are the perfect places to create a platform for your business and showcase it for current and potential customers, you just have to know how to use them – and that means knowing the truth behind the myths.

What marketing myths have you heard that should be added to the list?

(from an article on Linked In)

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