Social Media vs Your Business Goals

Any social media strategy you design must help you achieve your business goals.  This makes the assumption you have clear business goals in the first place, which in the case of small businesses might not be as high priority as keeping the work coming in … However, putting this aside, here are 3 simple business goals (there are many more) that relate to social media and which will apply to most small businesses, as you read them give yourself a current score from 1 to 5 where 1 is the most important and 5 the least.

Sometimes you need to start small and grow
  1. Increase online presence
  2. Attract more traffic to your website
  3. Grow online sales

Add up your scores at the end – if you scored more than 7 you need to pay more attention to using social media as a marketing tool in your business …

If you want to stimulate new business, get better ratings with search engines, improve your search engine optimisation skills,  then make contact – drop me a line  – A little help can go a long way!