Social Media Basics

So where to start on your social media travels …

Choose your platform (160 different ones) carefully to target your audience – be selective and set time goals – be SMART

“If Facebook is the Primark of social media, then LinkedIn is the Harrods – so choose your platform and language, post carefully so as NOT to offend other users.”  Zoe Cairns

Autumn Colours
So Autumn is here – time to start your Social Media Strategy

Facebook is now used by >35 yr olds, Instagram for the <35 yr olds, and Snapchat is for 8 – 24 yr olds – think of your target market, and choose and post accordingly. 

YouTube channel is for EVERY business – you can signup easily by opening a  gmail account (free), then why not use apps like VideoScribe or Animoto to create simple videos to post with your messages.

Find the key influencers for your line of business (use LinkedIn for this) and then follow them – get them to follow you as this will increase your social media reach.

Create a Target Audience Sheet and from this design your strategic 8 point social media plan – then you won’t get overwhelmed.

  1. Set your goals
  2. Define your target market
  3. Select your key influencers
  4. Research your competitors – look at their social media platforms
  5. Design your content strategy and campaign
  6. Monitor your activity – respond to the market immediately
  7. Join conversations and engage with the market
  8. Measure and analyse your social media actions to refine your goals – start again.


All campaigns will have a slow start and might take 6 – 9 months for ROI, so don’t be put off in the beginning – remember to keep to your strategy.

Use the Facebook algorithm to ensure your posts remain in the public view the longest:

Affinity + Weight = Time decay engagement

  • Affinity is how much you engage with facebook – must be a 2 way channel
  • Weight is quality of content – where text/links/pictures/video (text worse – video best)
  • Time decay engagement is how long the post stays up in public view.

If you want to stimulate new business, get better ratings with search engines, improve your search engine optimisation skills,  then make contact – drop me a line  – A little help can go a long way!