Search Engine Optimisation

Most people are going to find your site because of its listings in search engines or directories and therefore search engine optimisation is crucial for anyone who wants people to visit their Web site.

Search engine optimisation is just the simple process of making web pages attractive to search engines, no magic involved, just straightforward logic.

It is important to constantly trim sails to maintain efficiency. Web sites also need to be tended.
It is important to constantly trim sails to maintain efficiency. Web sites also need to be tended.

It’s a fact that most people who use search engines only look at the first one or two page of search listings. Your goal in trying to achieve effective search engine optimisation is to get your pages listed on those critical first few pages for particular key search terms. (My thanks to “Small Business in Canada” for help with the following tips.)

So how do you do this? Here are 5 simple rules to help.

1) Remember that each page of your site is a viewed by search engines as a separate entity. It is therefore important to apply basic search engine optimisation techniques to each and every page.

2) Your choice of appropriate key words or phrases for each page is crucial. Choose your phrasing carefully.  Many more people search for the term “effective search engine optimization” than for “effectively optimizing for search engines”.

“To find out which key words or phrases are more popular than others, you can use a tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool; enter your chosen phrases and you’ll see how many people searched for that term recently.”

3) Give each page an appropriate title that includes the key word or phrase at least once. Don’t fall into the simple mistake of using your business name as the title of all your pages.  Is every page of your site the same? Probably not.

4) Put the key words or phrase that you’ve chosen in the page’s title tag, meta keywords, and meta description.

5) Be sure your chosen key words or phrase is repeated carefully throughout the content of the page. Don’t overdo it, or your page may be rejected as spam.

These are just the bare bones of effective search engine optimisation.

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