Optimising Social Media

Online, the term ‘optimisation’ is most commonly used in the context of search engines and results are measured by your online ranking. When it comes to social media, however, optimisation needs to be viewed in a broader perspective.

Social media is first and foremost about relationships. Optimisation therefore in this context is the process of refining relationships to get better business results overall.

So to achieve the desired goals you need to understand how this process works, and what steps can you take to optimise the various social media channels that are most suited to your company.

In today’s context of social media, organisations can benefit from applying the concept of Gemba (see The Aberdeen Group’s Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Summit ).   Social channels are places where you can interact directly with your customers and thus it is the place where you must create the greatest value applying the Japanese concept of “Gemba”—the place where value is created and where an organisation interacts directly with the customer.

Business is not all plain sailing
Business is not all plain sailing

There are new social media channels emerging every day.

Here are the current top 5 with a few tips from http://www.business2community.com/b2b-marketing/

  1. LinkedIn: Is the one social channel that has stood the test of time. Create value for your LinkedIn connections by (a) Creating a meaningful and relevant About page—don’t copy and paste from your website! (b) Share links that you know your target audience will find interesting—don’t share useless information. (c) Create a group where you can host topical discussions and ask and answer questions.
  2. Facebook: Optimising your company’s Facebook page so that it can be found in relevant categories and encouraging “check-in” will help you find users you actually want to connect with and who see value in connecting with you.
  3. Twitter: Is still not convincing medium Business 2 Business relationships, however,  the fact is that this channel is growing very rapidly. These useful tips from Search Engine Watch about how to optimize your Twitter profile.
  4. Google+: As your content gets found by searchers, your profile gets more visibility. In addition, individuals and organizations that interact with you and recognise you as a thought leader and credible author will give you those valuable clicks that you need.
  5. SlideShare: Most of us create slide as a part of our working day, mostly these are purely for internal consumption but when we create something that can add incredible value for our customers, we need to share it. SlideShare is a great medium for doing that.

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