Mentor Training

I recently attended a half day enterprise mentor training course organised by The Centre for Micro Business, and provided by Get Mentoring.

What a fantastic afternoon!  It was spent with like minded people who wanted to use their

Elsa Caleb instructing on a Get Mentoring course
Get Mentoring in Action

wide and lengthy experiences in running a businesses to give something back to new businesses as they start out.

The course taught us about the rewards in mentoring, both for the mentee and the mentor.

Backed by the SFEDI group quality assurance, the training is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.


We learned that mentoring is not about:

Handing in Completed Evaluation Forms
Finishing the day with essential registration paperwork
  • Acting like a parent
  • Acting as a counsellor
  • An excuse for the mentee to moan
  • Being the mentee’s friend
  • Dispensing discipline
  • Being a God

But that good enterprise mentoring was:

  • A one-to-one relationship over a period of time, providing support, guidance and practical help
  • A process of sharing personal skills, experience and knowledge
  • A means of enabling less experienced mentee’s to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to perform at the highest level
  • An opportunity to gain impartial, non-judgemental guidance and support
  • A two way process though which BOTH parties derive satifaction from progress and success
So if you have the key skill’s of listening, questioning and action planning, have the experience of running successful businesses look out for the next courses in your area – time well spent.

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