Key Start – Up Questions

Starting your own business can be a daunting thought and one which needs time to consider, however, working with The National Centre for Micro Business we have developed a simple and helpful checklist.

Help to start a business - where do you turn?
Help to start a business – where do you turn?

1. Why are you in business, and what do you want out of it?
2. What business are you in?
3. What do you want your business to become in three years’ time?
4. Where is your market now?
5. Who are your immediate target customers for the next 12 months?
6. Who could buy from you in the future?
7. Who are your competitors?
8. How might your market change in the future?
9. How can you make your business different from your competitors?
10. What is your marketing strategy?
11. How will you do your marketing?
12. What are your sales targets and how will you achieve them?
13. What are your operational requirements?
14. How much money do you need now and for what purpose?
15. Will you need more money in the future and for what purpose?
16. How will you manage the business?
17. What are the risks?

OK – so now what?  Once you have worked through these questions, and resolved some useful answers and you need more – if you want to stimulate new business, get better ratings with search engines, improve your search engine optimisation skills,  then make contact – drop me a line  – A little help can go a long way!