It is important to know what is happening around you ..

New media is changing the way we interact and communicate, and this especially true in the business world.

It is important to understand and adapt to these changes quickly, organisations that have the ability to adapt and evolve to rapid change are more likely to succeed.

Having more Twitter followers won’t necessarily get more traffic to your website, which should be your strategic goal – to bring in increases sales.

Sometimes you need to look both ways!

Brad Smith in Social Media Today highlights 3 Worst Ways to use social media, and how to counteract these:


  1. Create too many social networks
  2. Rely on others to share for you
  3. Focus on Easy, Ineffective tactics


  1. Invest more resources into LESS tactics
  2. Drive visitors to specific point of conversation
  3. Focus on business development, not just community management

You goal should be one of online business development, rather than Twitter chat or blog comment.

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