Increasing your Facebook Reach

You can increase your Facebook reach by understanding a few simple rules that Facebook use.  While Facebook has never officially divulged exactly how to gain greater reach, there are several tactics that if followed do work.

Be topical and brief: I cannot stress enough how effective succinct posts are, studies show that lengthy Facebook content goes unread …

Sometimes you need to stand out from the crowd

Have valuable content: quality content is king, photos are more engaging – a picture is worth more than a 1000 words, ask open questions to simulate a response from the reader.

Know your audience: study your readers, and write what they want to read.  Facebook Insights is a useful tool to evaluate readers historical consumption pattern.

Engage with your readers: answer responses quickly to show you’re listening, tag the reader so they are notified of the social attention.  If they ‘like’ your comment this further boosts visibility.

Like your followers: Facebook Insights provided details of ‘friends of readers’, these are more likely to be attracted to your site.  Then with Facebook ads you can target your readers. But be careful, Facebook ads should be complementary and not the primary way to communicate your message.

Follow these guidelines, and I hope this will increase your Facebook presence.

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