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European Commission reaches out to young people with a creativity competition on the single market

I read with interest that the European Commission is targeting people born in the year 1992, who will be 20 this year.  It is 20 years ago that the single market of free movement of people, goods, services and capital between the 27 counties began. They are holding a competition for an original essay, video, photograph, cartoon or smart phone application in one of four categories: education and citizenship; jobs and entrepreneurship; culture and leisure and consumers and environment.

Sunset in the Turkish Islands

Michel Barnier, Commissioner for internal market and services, said: “In 1992, we had great hopes for the single market. Looking back, it has indeed helped citizens work anywhere they want, made trade easier and brought more jobs. However, 20 years on there is a feeling that progress towards a true single market has stalled. We need to relaunch the single market in order to give young adults born in 1992 renewed hope and greater opportunities. And we need this future generation to contribute to the development of our internal market policies for the next 20 years.”

Entries for the competition are to be submitted online and the most outstanding ones will be posted on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Prizes – including tablets, smartphones, cameras, MP3 players and travel passes – will be awarded on an ongoing basis from April to September. In addition, 4-week internships in the European Institutions as well as in international companies will be offered to winners for each category of the competition. Twenty winners will be invited to take part in the Single Market Week in October, where they will present their winning entries at the award ceremony on 15 October.

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