99 Ways to kick start your organisation

At last a breath of wind
At last a breath of wind

So we are beginning to emerge from the recession, perhaps even a double (or more?) dip recession. It’s like being becalmed on a boat at sea. No wind, no current, no movement of any sort. What do you do? Well what you don’t do is look back, questioning over and over again how it could be that you are in this situation.  Evaluation of past successes and failures is one thing but a morbid revisiting of the past is quite another. It’s negative, it’s draining and worst of all it’s pointless.  So what do you do to kick start your organisation and get some forward momentum?

Jeremy Francis from Buy and Train has come up with his 99 tips. We hope some are new to you and above all we hope that some work for you!

99 ways to kick start your organisation in a recession

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