More Top Tips for Media Success

Sometimes you need to think big, and just go for it.

Be Presentonce you have your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account spend time developing your style and presence.  Remember you are starting from the beginning, from scratch, and it will take time to for you to build your network, so pick a platform and then work hard at it.

Sometimes you need to think big …

Measure your impact – YouTube, and Google allow you to analyse your input/output and get feedback on who, what and where your followers are, so use this to develop the parts of your site that are getting the most attention.

Think about your URL – it might be worth getting a shorter branded URL – frankly mine’s a bit too long, oh dear …

Now use your time for that important homework and see what you can find.

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More ideas to follow soon …

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Want to know why things go viral?

So what makes something go viral?

If you ask most social media “gurus,” they’ll tell you it’s all about getting lucky. Viral isn’t a strategy, it’s like buying a lottery ticket. Or they’ll talk about cats. Lots of people share videos of funny kitties, so cats must be the reason things go viral???

Wharton Professor and author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On – Jonah Berger” has a few excellent ideas – see his latest blog.

Blakes of Dover, Cellar bar
Blakes of Dover, Cellar bar

In it he describes how ‘word of mouth’ is the most important aspect of spreading your ideas – virally.  He explains further “… if you want to generate word of mouth? Get people talking about you? One way is to give them a way to look good. Make people feel special, or like insiders, and they’ll tell others—and spread word of mouth about you along the way.”

How true, we once owned a restaurant and ‘word of mouth’ can either make of break you, it only takes a few customers to tell their friends ‘what a wonderful meal they had’ and suddenly your fully booked.  Unfortunately the reverse is also true … so maintaining high standards at all time is paramount!

Will following this principles guarantee that 10 million people spread your message? No. But it will increase the number of people who pass it on. Encourage people to tell two friends instead of just one. By understanding the science of ‘word of mouth’ you can boost your average, and your sales.

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