Marketing – It’s all about Language.

Waste bin in the Blue Mountains

On a recent visit to down under (Sydney) I came across some very clever marketing slogans that we in UK might find difficult to relate to ..

The first clearly encouraging the use of waste bins in the Blue Mountains, and the second singing the praises of a chain of fast food outlets on Manley Beach, and the burgers were very tasty too ..

Burger Shop on Manley Seafront

Sometimes being a little ‘off the wall’ can give your product the edge it needs in the competitive marketplace to stand above the rest, however, it is important to have a clear understanding of the market you trade in and especially your particular client base. Whilst these examples work well with the Australian psyche, unless you have researched your customers, and identified their demographic, the wrong message could be transmitted … This is especially important as you dip your toe into the melting pot of social media!

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