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Having spent many years teaching

in secondary, tertiary, adult and higher education

– and finding time to run my own businesses I have decided to go it alone and try and pass on some of the knowledge I have in web optimisation to help businesses create more custom and grow.  Why not sign up for one of our joint FREE fact sheets with The National Centre for Micro Business.

Many of us have thought, “I need a website,” created one – and then think, “Job done,” and sit back and wait.  WRONG!  To make any web presence work takes time, effort and search engine optimisation.   To get customers to pick you out from the crowd and then beat a path to your products or services takes effort and know how. To read my blog click here.

Running a yacht smoothly is a lot like running a business well

Owl Communications and Training is an interactive and web based media advice company for businesses, specialising in internet, brand improvement and search engine optimisation. It was established to help small and medium sized businesses get more from their web presence through:

  • Website help – getting to know how to keep your web presence revitalised and current
  • Social Media – what can be achieved through using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn


We are now working with Thanet based  The National Centre for Micro Business, who help establish new businesses by providing training and help at start up.  With the National Centre for Micro Business we are running a series of FREE 1 to 1 start up interviews.  For more details contact The National Centre for Micro Business.

If you want to stimulate new business, get better ratings with search engines, improve your search engine optimisation skills,  then make contact – drop me a line or phone 07429 406090 – A little help can go a long way!